Shrewsbury Youth Lacrosse (SYL) - Massachusetts

MBYLL Game Rules and Modifications for all Coaches and Officials
MBYLL Classic and Select games are played by USL Youth Rules with MBYLL modifications.
Game Rules for ALL LEVELS
The same rules will govern all MBYLL Classic games as well as Mass Bay Select games, unless otherwise noted. [adopted in 2014]
Format Rules
  • Games will be played in four 10-minute Start/Stop quarters.
    • Exception: Level 1/2 plays two 25-minute Running Time halves.
    • Variation: Games can be played in four 15-minute Running Time quarters if BOTH head coaches agree before the start of the game.
    • There will be 2-minute breaks between quarters and a 5-minute halftime break.
  • There will be two timeouts per half per team.
    • Timeouts can be called by either team during a dead ball.
    • Timeouts can be called during a live ball by the team with possession.
  • Overtime can be played upon unanimous agreement of both coaches and official(s) and will consist of one 4-minute “sudden death” period.
  • Spectators, in addition to players, coaches, and team personnel, can cause a time-serving unsportsmanslike penalty. [adopted in 2018]
  • A player who accumulates 3 personal fouls or 5 minutes in personal foul penalty time shall be disqualified from the game. A substitute for that player may enter the game when the disqualified player would have been permitted to re-enter had he not fouled out. [adopted in 2017]
  • A player who is ejected by an official (not the same as “fouling out”) will automatically serve a one-week suspension. The suspension requirement will have been satisfactorily met when:
    • The player attends the next game in street clothes and stands with the team.
    • The coach informs the official the player is present and serving a suspension.
    • The suspension includes all Classic and Select games that take place between the ejection and the following week’s game.
      • A Classic-only player will serve the suspension during the following week’s Classic game.
  • A Select player who was ejected during a Classic game will miss both the Select game of that week and the following Classic game.
  • A Select player who was ejected during a Select game will miss both the Classic game of that week and the following Select game
  • Two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls will result in an automatic ejection.
  • A goal shall be counted as long as the ball has been released from the player’s stick prior to the expiration of the period. [adopted in 2018]
  • A change to what constitutes a legal hold with the crosse, commonly known as “crosse check holding” by the defender. Under the new rule, holding with the portion of the crosse which is between your hands is now legal as long as your hands are no more than shoulder width apart and the pressure being applied by the defender is equal pressure to the pressure from the offensive player. [new 2019 rule]
  • A clarification was issued to the warding off rule for offensive players. It is illegal for the offensive player, with two hands on the crosse, to push their opponent with their crosse to create separation. However, it is legal for a player with the ball and two hands on their crosse to contact the crosse of their opponent using their arm. [new 2019 rule]